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About bendi

Behind the name bendi
According to English, bend means fold
I = intelligent, I = Idea and identity

According to this English meaning, “bend” didn’t mean just the bending wood technology but also convey the soul of “bendi” founder. It means bending thoughts and creativity in order to create the high standard product for our clients at all time. The mission is to create products that are intelligent from the idea and for the unique identity. This is what bendi passes on to our intelligent clients to develop further ideas & finally create an identity for our client’s business.

The DNA of bendi’s product is softness which reflect the natural wooden material passing through the bending process to generate warmth, softness on to wooden textures. Then finally it turns into valuable product that can be used in every atmosphere. The on going patterns is what the customer can feel from using all bendi’s products.

“Solution of workspace for all success”